The Honourable Thomas F. McLarty, III

McLarty Associates

Thomas F. McLarty has a distinguished record of business leadership and public service, including various roles advising three Presidents: Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Jimmy Carter.

McLarty served President Clinton in several key positions: Chief of Staff, Counselor to the President, and Special Envoy for the Americas, with over five years of service in the President’s Cabinet and on the National Economic Council. McLarty worked with President Carter as a member of the Democratic National Committee, and was appointed to the National Petroleum Council by President George H. W. Bush and served on the St. Louis Federal Reserve Board from 1989 until joining the White House in 1992. As White House Chief of Staff, McLarty helped enact the historic 1993 deficit reduction package, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the Family and Medical Leave law.

In 1994 McLarty organized the successful Summit of the Americas in Miami, and he played a critical role in structuring the 1995 Mexican peso stabilization program. Upon leaving the White House, McLarty returned to McLarty Companies, a fourth generation family transportation company.

Mack McLarty is currently President of McLarty Associates, an international advisory firm formed in partnership with former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. He also serves as Vice Chairman of Asbury Automotive Group, one of the largest automobile retailers in the United States and as Senior Advisor to the Carlyle Group.

McLarty is the recipient of the Secretary of State’s Distinguished Service Medal; the highest civilian honors of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Venezuela.