Mr. Martin Schøyen

The Schøyen Collection

Mr. Schøyen is the Founder and CEO of the The Schøyen Collection, which comprises most types of manuscripts from the whole world spanning over 5000 years. It is the largest private manuscript collection formed in the 20th century. One of the special collections is uniquely dedicated to both extinct and living religions.

The whole collection comprises 13,540 manuscript items, including 2,192 volumes. 6,850 manuscript items are from the ancient period, 3300 BC - 500 AD; 3,839 are from the medieval period, 500 - 1500; and 2,851 are post-medieval. There are manuscripts from 129 different countries and territories in 118 languages and 170 scripts. Never before has there been formed a collection with such variety geographically, linguistically, textually, and of scripts, writing materials, etc., over such a great span of time as 5 millennia.

Only a few of the largest National libraries have a similar scope, and even they do not own collections of writings on clay, metals, wood, bone, stone, glass, etc., which normally will be in archaeological museums, and again divided among local museums and National museums.

Mr. Schøyen received his degree from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in 1965. He has extensive business experience in land, transportation, shipping and cruise industries and has served as the director and chairman of numerous organizations and boards.

Presently, he is the Founder, CEO and a board member of The Schøyen Human Rights Foundation in Oslo, a Trustee of Hermann Kunst Stiftung fuer Neutestamentliche Textforshung in Muenster and a Trustee of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation in Jerusalem.