Mrs. Aruna Abhey Oswal

Vice President
World Jain Conference

MJF Lion Aruna Oswal heads the flagship Company The Oswal Group popularly known in the Humanitarian Service Industry. Since receiving her MA in English, she has as supported Shri Abhey Oswal in building up the Oswal industries.

MJF Lion Aruna Oswal began her journey in 1989 with the Lions Club of Juhu of District 323 A3. In the year 1999-2000 she became the President and rapidly climbed the ladders of Lionism, and in 2004-05 she became the District Governor of District 323 A3. Her Governorship is cherished by Lions of District 323 A3 even today. Fellowship & Service projects developed, and a project of the distribution of 1,000 Sewing machines for Women’s Empowerment was greatly appreciated.

In recognition of her work she has received the following honours:

  • Jain Ratna Award by Prime Minister Honourable Shri Atalbihari Bajpayi.
  • She has been also honoured by the worthy hands of former President H’nble Shri Abdul Kalam.
  • She has won many awards at the Club and District level, and has also been awarded the International Leadership Medal twice by the PIP K. K. Fukushima and PIP Lion Dr. Tae Sup Lee.
  • She has been also honoured thrice by the International Presidential Medal, by PIP Lion Clement Kusiak and PIP Lion Mahendra Amarsuriya and PIP Lion Jimmy Ross.